“I have been treated by Dr. Trainor for the last seven years.  When I first came to see him, I could barely walk without pain.  Dr. Trainor assured me that he could help me – but it would take some time.  The first month or so – I was having some doubt – there was still pain.  Low and behold – after that my back got better.  I make regular visits and I have to say – I feel great.  His upbeat attitude and confidence and expertise did the trick.  I would recommend him to anyone who is experiencing back pain.” – J.C., 76

“I came to Dr. Trainor because of a bad shoulder and arm.  I had seen a MD about the problem and he prescribed drugs and then physical therapy.  After no improvement, the MD suggested that I see a chiropractor.  Since coming to Dr. Trainor, I feel much better.  I am able to do things that I was unable to do just a few months ago.  In addition, I seem to vet fewer headaches and less neck pain since starting my chiropractic care.” – E.P., 51

“What brought me to Dr. Trainor’s office was an auto accident. I was a passenger in a car that was hit from behind.  I felt my neck snap back and forth very quickly, and numbness down both arms.  Since I have been coming in for treatment, it’s not just my neck that is feeling better but I have noticed a change in how I feel overall.” – M.F., 56

“I started coming here due to slight neck pains. Before coming to Dr. Trainor I had a hard time keeping my head still because of neck pains.  After the first time coming, it made such a huge difference.  I didn’t have to move my neck to feel comfortable.  Now I come here every week knowing my neck will never feel the way it did before coming here.  I play baseball better and feel more loose than tight.  I’m very happy to come to a doctor that can help me to play better sports without being hurt in the process.  I thank Dr. Trainor a lot for all the work he has done with me.  I plan on coming here for as long as possible.” – M.P.J., 13

“Last year at this time, my allergies were so bad that I could barely breathe.  My eyes were watery, my head throbbed, and my nose was running incessantly.  I would wake up in the middle fo the night with such congestion that every time I would take a breath, I could hear the mucous in my chest crackling.  My allergies got so bad that I was taking everything from Claritin-D to an inhaler, the same one used for asthma.  I’ve been going to Dr. Trainor for one and half years now.  I am a mailman and am always outside.  When I was walking outside this year, I could not believe how thick the pollen was, but I had no symptoms whatsoever.  I was practically snorting the pollen out of the air.  I may have sneezed a few times from the pollen, but other than that, I have been cured from my allergies from the helping hands of Dr. Trainor.” – J.R., 28

“When I first came for treatment my fingers were numb in my right hand.  Also my left hip gave me a great deal of pain.  My hip was my worst problem.  I started treatment at the end of March.  Now my fingers aren’t numb at all.  My hip is so much better. I can now sit for more than a half hour without pain, and can walk without pain.  I am able to do more and feel as though I am almost back to myself.” – B.T., 50

“When I first came into the office, if I didn’t have my cane I would have fell on my face.  When I came to Dr. Chris, he did a terrific job on me.  If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be walking.  I think he’s a terrific doctor and he put me back in shape.  Now I can walk much better and I don’t have the cane anymore!” – P.F., 81

“I came to Dr. Trainor in desperation after injuring my back while exercising.  When he asked me to touch my toes during my first visit, I told him that I couldn’t bend my neck down to look at my toes.  It was too excruciating.  Today, not only is my range of motion where I want it to be, but I haven’t had any back pain since those first few visits after my injury.  I’m also happy to say that this is the first time I haven’t had to take medication for the migraines I’ve had for years.” – E.P., 40

“Since I’ve been receiving care from Dr. Trainor for my neck and lower back, largely, I have been much more comfortable and, often, pain-free.  This has been a period of six to seven years for which comfort I am extremely appreciative.” – H.S., 84